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Contextual advertising

Solutions for contextual and banner advertising. All types of internet advertising in the Internet agency ITMOKO

Contextual advertising GOOGLE.

Effective, quick way to get sales of new customers, today. 

Our company develops solutions for contextual advertising after a detailed analysis of your web resource, your field of activity and competitive environment. By properly setting up campaigns on Google, you get a constant traffic and sales channel that can be scaled to fit your needs. Our company provides services for a full cycle of customization, launch and improvement of advertising campaigns in Google Adwords. Our company is a certified Google representative. 

In the company ITMOKO SEO you can order contextual advertising in search engines, remarketing (classic, dynamic, search), advertising on Youtube, banner advertising. In our case, more than 100 companies from all over Ukraine, many years of experience in setting up large-scale advertising campaigns, and every advertising campaign developed in our studio is always bright, effective and effective. You can ask your question about cooperation, services or partnership with ITMOKO leaving an application on this page or in the section CONTACTS. 

What is contextual advertising? 

Contextual advertising is a kind of Internet advertising, based on the PPC model pay per click, that is, pay per click. At the heart of any contextual advertising is a bright, creative and effective text, media. banner, Youtube advertisement. We can offer optimal solutions for contextual advertising in Google Adwords, Youtube advertising - by optimizing key queries, creating effective ads and fine-tuning the campaign, which results in real leads - orders for sale, or provision of services. 

Remarketing. It is very important to always remind the visitor of your website about your services, company or brand. Thanks to the advertising remarketing, the main task is to RETURN to the pages of your website. To date, Google remarketing is an extremely effective tool in setting and scaling sales. 

Banner advertising. Today's Internet advertising market is already catching up, and in some cases surpasses the market of television advertising. Each company cares about its banner advertising its originality and efficiency. We provide services for the development and placement of banner advertising, which always attracts attention and raises your sales. We work with the most effective advertising networks in all regions of the world. 

Text advertising. The text should sell.
The text of your site should be clear, concise, informative and accessible to the visitor. Creation of unique, interesting and useful content for the site is a service that is provided to clients as part of SEO promotion or a separate copywriting service. Our creators create really unique, vivid content, including text for Youtube advertising.


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Contextual advertising company: 



- Quick launch of advertising
- Solutions for increasing sales, scaling campaigns.
- Availability. You always have access to your statistics account, webmaster.
- Experience - 6 years in the Internet marketing market, more than 1000 conducted advertising contests.
- An integrated approach, the main goal is to increase sales.
- Minimizing the budget of the context - we offer the best solutions in terms of price and effect.
- Global, international and regional advertising campaigns Google


How to start advertising with ITMOKO ?



1. Leave an application on the site or call the office closest to you.
2. Clarify details: sphere, campaign objectives, real state, budget of contextual advertising.
3. Preparation of a commercial proposal for contextual advertising.
4. Signing of the contract, payment.
5. Setting up and launching an advertising campaign - real sales


A rich experience

Experience in launching contextual advertising for all spheres of business, selling goods, providing services. Thanks to the successful experience of our clients, you receive ready-made solutions for launching advertising on the Internet

Youtube Advertising

Development of creative solutions for advertising on Youtube. Promotion, support, turnkey development. Development of plots, shooting, launching Youtube advertising. Promotion of Youtube channel. 


Services for returning customers to your site. Dynamic, search, media remarketing for your business, company, online store, service.

Effective ADWORDS

Advertising should be effective, we set up advertising campaigns based on real goals and opportunities to maximize the profit of our customers.

ITMOKO - професійна розробка, створення та запуск контекстної реклами під ключ, банерна реклама, Google Adwords, Google ремаркетинг, підвищення продаж, масштабування. Качественные услуги по контектной рекламе США, Дубаи, Индии, Сингапуре, Канаде, Англии, Европе. 

1500 goods are sold daily due to our contextual advertising
24/7 Launch advertising in the shortest time, 7 days a week.
Target Our contextual advertising is always on target
50000 Users daily passes on advertising to sites of our clients.
Web site development

Bright and unique web design. Creative and effective solutions.

Seo promotion

Raise your site in the top 3, 5, 10. Complex promotion of websites.

Promotion in social networks

Bright and creative solutions for Youtube advertising.

Technical support

Services of complex technical support and promotion of your web projects.