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Search Engine Optimization

Integrated services for internal optimization of the site. We carry out qualitative search internal optimization of sites

Internal optimization of SEO site. 

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The main purpose of the internal optimization of the site is primarily the creation of the most attractive site for both search engines and users, it is important to analyze competitors, constantly introduce new techniques, strengthening the position of the site both in Google and in the eyes of your customers. Our company provides services for internal optimization of the site for search engines and users. In the process of internal optimization of the site, we: set up the right structure, Developing SEO URLs, create a convenient and effective design, which is aimed at selling and promoting company services. 

How Google searches? 

The world is changing. Already today without google - we do not represent our life, business, work, rest. Undoubtedly, in order to understand how the search engine works, you need to conduct constant experiments, because the algorithm of search engines are constantly changing. Why is there no one site in the top in the second? The answer is pretty simple, it means your site is worse. We need to make certain efforts to make it more popular with users, and hence with Google. Google in its issuance will always give preference to sites that: are constantly updated, updated with content, have a clear and understandable structure, the site has no problems with validity, fast and convenient sites. As part of the internal optimization we carry out a number of procedures aimed at improving your site for search engines and visitors. Also today, a very important factor of social networks - if your resource is shared by your customers, who steadily replenishes the book of your positive feedback, such a site has a much better chance of issuing higher similar projects without the listed factors. 

Google today is the undisputed leader of search among the audience, perhaps most of the civilized world. China is an exception. SEO company ITMOKO provides qualified services for business to promote the site in the top of the delivery of search engines Google TOP 3, 5, 10. 

Internal optimization as the foundation for successful SEO search promotion provides specific advantages: improving the results of testing the speed of Google Page Speed, integration with Google Business services, Google Maps. Software optimization of the code, the structure of the site will ensure the full and correct indexing of the pages of your site. 

Stages of SEO promotion in the company ITMOKO. 

1. 1st month. Site audit. Identification of shortcomings then development strategy development. At this stage, our company will conduct a comprehensive site audit, analysis of competitors, study and analysis of your business, your goods or services. Technical verification of the site: validity of code, speed of work, site structure, ways of improvement and implementation. Developing and creating a semantic kernel is a list of targeted key queries for your business. Selection of LF, MF, HF queries for a particular project. 

     1st month. Introduction of technical amendments and implementation of recommendations.
      Basic filling of all SEO tags on the site, text optimization, copywriting.
      Development of templates for effective headings. Registration Google Maps, Business, indexing settings

     2 nd month. search promotion.

      Continuous work with the content of the site - updating, adding interesting content.
      Extension of the network of links to your site from other sites.
      Copywriting SEO texts.
      Analysis of user behavior, making corrections to the site.
      Output of key queries in the TOP 10. 

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- Qualified and quality SEO promotion for your business.
- Prolonged SEO effect, enhanced organic traffic.
- Constant traffic for your site.
- Development and implementation of SEO promotion strategy.
- Regular update of content on your site.
- SEO for business. 5 years experience. guarantee of result.

Add site to the top Google with us:


- 5 years of experience in SEO promotion
- Own SEO Academy for ITMOKO employees.
- Google Certified Partner.
- Own team of copywriters, programmers.
- Internet marketer for your project

Effective SEO promotion

Expansion of the audience during the entire period of website promotion in the TOP. Constant updating and improvement of your project

Guaranteed result

We are fully respecting the policy of the company, the introduction of all the recommendations we give a guarantee of getting your site into the top of the search engines.

Flexible budgets

We work with companies of completely different sizes. For each project, a manager is responsible for the interaction with you.

Organic traffic

Organic traffic is traditionally the most effective, and in the future it will provide you with free visitors to the site.

ITMOKO - professional SEO promotion of the site in TOP 3, 5, 10, search engine optimization, internal optimization, SEO audit website, the Internet portal: Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Astana, Tbilisi, Riga, Vilnius, USA, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Dubai, etc.

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