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Frontend development

Full complex front end development for your website, project, mobile application, software.

Front end development for your website, project, mobile application, software.

Frontend development.

Company ITMOKO - provides professional services for the development of front-end. What is the development of the frontend? Other, and more accessible words, front-end development is what the visitor sees when visiting your site. Our front-end developers are responsible for the appearance of your project. Development of the user interface, complex front-end development - all this you can order in our web studio. Our company employs both permanent and remote employees, so we can offer competitive prices for the development of a front-end for your project.

Key technologies Front end development.
We are working on constant improvement of technologies used by us in development, but the basic ones can be specified: css3, JavaScript, html 4.5. To make layouts we use popular technologies Bootstrap, Foundation 3, Compass, Twitter.

Adaptive layout Bootstrap - company.
Of course, our specialists are always ready to help and create a quality layout for your project. To date, we recommend for our customers - the use of adaptive layout, which allows the visitor to browse your site, or any other web project on all devices. Adaptive layout is that the visitor will be able to view your resource on a screen of any size without damaging the functionality. Nesting is just part of the front-end development, so here you can order layout , as well as complex turnkey site development.

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Our frontend developers:

In our company, each specialist is responsible for a specific area of work, and our front-line specialists are available for both in-house work and outsourcing, and that is with the web studio ITMOKO - hiring a remote layout maker - this is not a problem. We can provide high-quality layout of your layout taking into account all modern requirements, because all our specialists regularly undergo training, thereby improving their skills. In our work front-line developers use all known modern technologies.

Site validity and validation? What is it? Why is it needed?

In the conditions of tough competition, when a large number of companies work in one thematic area and each of them wants to be in the top of the search engines, there is a tough competition, and a good site usually wins. What does it mean? A good site is at least valid layout, high speed of loading the site and its pages. Our specialists are ready to offer you website design services for turn-key web sites of any complexity. One can say unequivocally that valid layout has more chances for raising the general positions of the site. If you need to order front-end development, including layout layouts - you can contact our managers, and get detailed information.

Hard deadlines

Our company refers to each project as responsibly as possible, due to which your tight terms will be met, and the work is delivered on time.

Creativity is the key to success

Our team loves its business and in every project we invest our soul, experience and knowledge. Creativity and initiative are those things that we have a lot and enough for everyone.

Frontend optimization

In the process of redesign, website promotion, we provide services to optimize the front-end of a part of your project. We perform a full analysis of the current situation and develop recommendations for improving the site's performance.

Quality service

For us, every customer is a value. We appreciate those who have already entrusted us and offer you to try working with us to achieve greater goals.

ITMOKO - professional creation and development of FRONTEND for web portals, branded sites, mobile applications in the whole Ukraine. Thanks to a well-developed system, outsourcing software development and front-end site development - the company provides services in USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Europe, Asia, the United States, Canada, the Arab Emirates.

28 Constant customers on front-end development.
500 Projects completed in the last 5 years.
7 qualified front-line developers in the state of the company
24/7 Technical support, upgrades, permanent front-end support for projects.
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