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Professional development of online stores: online payment system, export / import of goods, CRM + CMS, automation. Creating online stores on a turn-key basis


Ecommerce Website Development.

Internet commerce is becoming more popular every day, using the Internet, you can sell more, you can sell better, faster and "internationally." But this formula works only if once you decide to order an online store that was executed in a professional TZ - and can attract and convert your visitors - in profit. Before creating an online store - still have to answer our questions or fill out a brief for the development of an online store, because we as a company-developer - must have complete information: what product will be sold in your online store? How will he be sold? How will it be paid and delivered? This and many other questions - understanding the answers that we sell to you working online store, which will work to expand sales.

Structure of online store.
When developing an online store it is very important to create the right structure from the point of view of the visitor and from the point of view of the search engines. There should be no duplicate pages, obscure categories. For the correct construction of the structure of the future online store, it is important to understand the completeness of the range, the number of categories of goods, their types and subspecies, price categories, etc. The project manager will discuss with you all the details of the future project and will recommend the best solution for creating an effective structure for the online store.

Implementation of CRM in an online store.

CRM to work online shop today is also important as in any other industry, but thanks to the introduction of: scripts conversations, order management systems and managers - you can save time and handle more orders over a shorter time span. Our web studio develops online store management systems - synchronized with your site or sites.

Seo promotion online store:
Each online store needs high-quality internal and external optimization, because without information and promotion -sales will remain at the previous level. Thanks to optimizing the work of the site, we will be able to improve your position on the Internet, including creating all types of online advertising for your products. Among our clients are companies that work in the field of sales: cars, equipment, real estate, spare parts, service centers, insurance, phone sales, covers, furniture, clothes, clothing, optics, gadgets, tires, meters, building materials, travel services, and many and many others.

Budget for online store. How much does it cost to create an online store?
This question is similar to the question - and how much does it cost to buy a car? Immediately there is a question what? what year? what engine and brand, etc. In the field of online marketing - everything is pretty much-you need to clearly understand what e-shop is needed for you? . We are confident that we will offer you a quality product at the best price on the market, while our company allocates a separate team to support and promote the online store. We will be glad to participate in creating a unique project for your business - which will be made in time and will bring profit. Do not postpone and order the development of an online store on a turnkey basis today in the ITMOKO web studio.

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Order service

Що значить розробка інтернет магазину під ключ в студії  Itmoko?

- Детальний аналіз конкурентів вашої тематики.
- Розробка професійного технічного завдання для магазину.
- Унікальний дизайн.
- Швидка CMS, висока конверсія.
- Адаптивний дизайн.
- Виділена команда для підтримки проекту.
- Внутрішня оптимізація інтернет-магазину.
- Оптимізація швидкості роботи інтернет-магазину.



1.Напишіть або зателефонуйте нам. Менеджер ITMOKO - вислухає Вас та запропонує шляхи вирішення Вашого завдання. 

2. Підписання договору та розробка Технічного завдання. На цьому етапі буде розроблено технічне завдання з урахуванням Ваших вимог.
3. Розробка дизайну для інтернет-магазину. Унікальні та готові рішення веб дизайну. 
4. Верстка та розробка CMS.На цьому етапі створюється система управління сайтом адмінпанель. 
5. Наповнення онлайн магазину - експорт/імпорт товарів, копірайтинг, тексти.
6. Запуск інтернет магазину. Публікація сайту на домені, тестування.


Our team has implemented more than 70 medium-sized and large commercial Internet projects. Thanks to the experience we will offer you the best solution for a successful online store.

Always connected

Permanent support for 24/7 of your web projects, the recommendations of our specialists and the prompt response to your comments - guarantees you full contact and understanding to achieve the ultimate goal.


Ready and individual solutions for your products on the Internet - professional setting of advertising, promotion of your online store, comprehensive internet marketing and audit.

loan and installments

If you need to develop a large project, our company may consider granting an interest-free loan for the implementation of your project or buy an online store by installments.




ITMOKO - професійне створення та розробка інтернет-магазинів у Всій Україні. Завдяки відпрацьованій системі аутсорсинг розробки софту та сайтів географія надання послуг компанії надається по всім містам України, і ви можете замовити створення сайту у містах: Києв, Харків, Одеса, Львів, Дніпропетровськ, Чернівці, Луцьк, Рівне, Ужгород, Вінниця, Хмельницький, Тернопіль, Полтава, Кіровоград, Черкаси, Суми, Луцьк, Херсон, Миколаїв,Чернігів, Мукачево, Дрогобич, Кривий Ріг та всі інші міста. 




Web site development

Bright and unique web design. Creative and effective solutions.

Seo promotion

Raise your site in the top 3, 5, 10. Complex promotion of websites.

Promotion in social networks

Bright and creative solutions for Youtube advertising.

Technical support

Services of complex technical support and promotion of your web projects.