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Web portal

Designing, development of Internet portals of any complexity level. Modern technologies, rigid deadlines, unique design and style for your Internet portal and user interface.

Development of the international Internet portal.

Internet portal is a large web resource or a group of sites, services designed for a broad audience, with a large information component. Most often, Internet portals can display a large number of files, textual information, have a certain registration functionality, use of portal services and so on.

If you need a project for selling goods, then the portal is not the best thing in this case, because the web portal often provides information, services, services, information, designed for a large number of visitors.

If you want to order the creation of an Internet portal, then you need to start with the development of the concept of the project, view the future audience of the portal, anticipate attendance, profit, ways to monetize your future traffic - our company offers services for developing an investment plan for a start-up, Internet portal, web portal. Creating an effective Internet portal today is an investment that will bring a stable income in the future, because we know the history of so many successful Internet portals for a wide range of business and services, rental, rental, services for tourists, insurance services, etc. e.

Development of technical specifications for the Internet portal.
Very important and the first stage in the development of a web portal has always been and remains the drafting of a technical assignment. Our managers will listen to your need, wishes, or simply implement your technical tasks for the development of the portal. We have the necessary experience to develop turnkey portals of any complexity level.

Functionality of the future Internet portal.
Our programmers can develop functionality for your future portal at the highest level - we use advanced technologies to introduce functionality for the convenience of your visitors. Integration with social networks, creating a forum online catalogs, online payments, or any other functionality - will be designed according to your requirements.

Create an Internet portal - the price, timing and development time in the ITMOKO web studio.
The terms and cost of the portal depend on the complexity of the upcoming project, so the exact calculation and deadlines for the project will be announced to you by our manager after a detailed study of the technical task or filling out the brief.

The main types of Internet portals that we develop.
Working for a long time in creating large web projects - we can break the types of portals into the following classification: Horizontal portals - Megaportal are huge web portals that offer wide, versatile content in many spheres of life, often providing additional services such as mail , news, horoscopes, etc. If you want to create a great news, a political portal of services or services - the company ITMOKO - is happy to help you and your business. The second type of portals is called - vertical portals, these are web projects with a narrower audience, for example: the portal of airline tickets sales and booking, the portal of tourist tours, the portal for providing services, city portals, entertainment and information.

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Development of WEB PORTAL?

- Detailed analysis of the competitors of your subject.
- Development of a professional technical task for the portal.
- Unique design.
- Fast CMS, high conversion.
- Adaptive design.
- Dedicated team to support the project.
- Internal optimization of the web portal.
- Optimizing the speed of the online portal.

Stages of developing the Web PORTAL: 

1.Write or call us. Manager ITMOKO - will hear you and suggest ways of solving your problem.

2. Signing of the contract and development of the Terms of Reference. At this stage, a technical task will be developed taking into account your requirements.
3. Development of design for the web portal. Unique and ready-made web design solutions.
4. Nesting and development of CMS. At this stage, a site management system is created adminpanel.
5. Internet portal filling - export / import of goods, copywriting, texts.
6. Launch of a web portal, portal. Publication of the site on the domain, testing.

Extensive experience in developing web portals

Our team has the experience of creating large Internet portals, the audience of which exceeds 100,000 unique users daily.

Quality service

Our company pays special attention to quality and convenient service for our customers. You get a permanent channel of communication with the company, a dedicated team for project development, convenient payment terms.

Flexible solutions

In accordance with your needs and technical attentions, our specialists will offer you the best option for solving your problem and provide recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of the future web portal.

Rich Functionality

We can develop and implement the functional of any complexity for the uninterrupted, constant and maximally automated operation of Internet services and portals.

ITMOKO - professional creation and development of Internet portals, web portals, online service portals, branded portals from best ukrainian IT. We provide our services in web development, development of mobile applications in the USA, CANADA, ENGLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY, SINGAPORE, UKRAINE, SWITZERLAND. A full list of countries is available in the COUNTRY section.

7 years of experience in developing large-scale web portals
5 We created international online web portals in 2017
24/7 Technical support, consulting, continuous development and promotion of your Internet portal.
6 Months of free hosting for your portal
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Bright and unique web design. Creative and effective solutions.

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Raise your site in the top 3, 5, 10. Complex promotion of websites.

Promotion in social networks

Bright and creative solutions for Youtube advertising.

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Services of complex technical support and promotion of your web projects.

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