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Development of mobile applications iOS and Android - high quality, creative, on time. We work all over the world.

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Development of mobile applications..

Mobile applications today is not just a fashion move, and an urgent need for every company that wants to operate in the market and not to lose their customers. Mobile applications are fast and convenient, simple and functional - they help us get what we want faster and more efficiently. If today millions of people already use their mobile applications for sales, promotion, control, etc., why do not you have your own mobile application yet?

Platform for mobile application.
Our company is developing mobile applications for new start-ups, existing projects, so that your business or company will be able to get a new effective tool for interacting with your audience. In our company you can order the development of a mobile application for Android and iOS, SYMBIAN, WINDOWS.

Steps to develop a mobile application:

1) Comprehensive business analysis. Before developing an add-on for the mobile, you need to clearly answer the question for what you plan to create the application - what goal should be achieved? Increase sales, customers? Support for the company's image? Our experts will help you find the answers to these questions and specifically formulate tasks for the future mobile application. Our company conducts a comprehensive business analysis before development.
2) When the goals are pursued, our specialists develop the interface of the future mobile application, the prototype application. Based on the created prototypes, our web designer will create a unique design for your mobile application.
3) Programming a mobile application. Based on the finished design of the application - our developers are starting to program. We use all known modern technologies to make your application successful.
4) After completing the development of the program part of the program - we launch the program, conduct testing on mobile devices. The final step in creating a mobile application in our company is posting, publishing in the APP Store, Google Play. After the completion of the development of our experts will develop for you a program to promote your application on the Internet, so that it is in demand.

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Development of mobile games iOS, Android.

Our company provides services for the development of mobile games - from writing scripts, developing design, programming to launching, promotion and implementation of monetization of mobile games. In our company you can order the creation of a mobile game.

The mobile application as an effective tool for promotion, sales, constant communication with your customers will help you to increase your presence in the mobile Internet segment, and today it is a huge market.

ITMOKO mobile app - development IOS, Android mobile applications for:

a) Mobile applications for business.
b) Mobile applications for the media, media.
c) Promotional application.
d) Mobile application for the store.

Powerful platform

Our company works with two main platforms for creating mobile applications and offers turnkey solutions for applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android

Mobile solutions company

We offer flexible solutions for our customers, so the final cost of creating a mobile application will be below the average market. Find out more from our manager.


Technical support, modernization, modifications and amendments to the mobile application on IOS, ANDROID, WINDOWS.

Promote your mobile app

Our company will develop a strategy for promoting, popularizing and enhancing the effectiveness of your mobile application.


ITMOKO - professionalweb-design and development of mobile applications IOS, ANDROID, WINDOWS, web portals, branded sites In Europe, USA, Singapore, Dubai, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, India, China.


12 Customers from 12 countries order the development of mobile applications in our company.
288 Mobile applications, games, interfaces created by our designers and programmers.
IOS We work with all popular platforms for the development of mobile applications iPhone, iPad, iPod.
ANDROID Development of mobile applications for Android.
Web site development

Bright and unique web design. Creative and effective solutions.

Seo promotion

Raise your site in the top 3, 5, 10. Complex promotion of websites.

Promotion in social networks

Bright and creative solutions for Youtube advertising.

Technical support

Services of complex technical support and promotion of your web projects.