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Design of the mobile IOS application, ANDROID. 

Comprehensive design development for your mobile application on the iOS platform and Android. Our company provides services to create a unique, effective, convenient design for your application. 


Designing a mobile application.
In the current pace of business development, it is important to continuously innovate, which makes access to your product, service, idea easier and easier. Creating a mobile application for the company today is already the same need as a few years ago - the need for a website. We create design for IOS, WINDOWS, ANDROID applications.

Mobile applications: development
Working on creating a quality mobile app is a lengthy process that requires a comprehensive study of the BCAs, your goals and goals that you set before a future mobile application. In the process of developing mobile applications ITMOKO - carries out the mandatory stages of developing a quality design for the product.
a) Needs analysis and proposal development - on what platform and operating system to create a future application?
b) Creating a technical task.
c) Developing a mobile application layout: our web design specialists will design a unique design for your future application based on a technical specification. In the process of creating a layout application it is important to take into account every detail and all possible functions that should function in the future.
d) Creating a prototype and designing a UI / UX structure - For a complete and detailed understanding of how a future application will perform its functions, the designer must draw all possible working screens, a map of interaction between the user and the application.
e) Programming is the direct development of the program part for the mobile application, the implementation of all functions of the interfaces.
e) Testing the mobile application - At this stage, our specialists conduct testing of the application, detect and correct the identified shortcomings.
c) Launching and publishing a mobile application. It's not enough to just create an application, it needs to be published and promoted - the final stage when publishing a mobile application is its publication. At this stage, the application is published: GooglePlay, AppStore, OviStore. 

What app to create?
Before making a decision on developing a mobile application, we offer you to familiarize yourself with various types of mobile applications.

GAME mobile applications - game. The main target audience is users interested in entertainments and games. An interesting script, an ergonomic design, the ability to place advertisements in an application is important for every game application.

Mobile application SERVICE is a product that allows the user to use the service, service. The main purpose of such an application is the ability to provide a convenient, quick and understandable use of a specific function, service.

INFORMATION APPLICATIONS - Mobile applications of this type have the purpose of communicating information to users. Often content or information applications are created for magazines, newspapers, TV channels, public places.

CORPORATE mobile application on ANDROID - enterprise applications are created to enhance the company's performance, interactions between departments, employees, access to information.

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Before choosing a platform for a mobile application, we conduct a detailed analysis of your potential audience, determine their preferences, and trends in this area.
ANDROID is perhaps the most popular platform in the world, because the android uses a very large number of people and companies. Having a mobile application on ANDROID will help you to easily and effectively expand your target audience.
SYMBIAN - the main user of Symbian products is the owners of mobile phones NOKIA - to date, the development of Symbian is in the least demand in the market for mobile application development.
IOS is a popular worldwide platform for flexible and advanced solutions, with APPSTORE applications exceeding 500,000,000.


Development of IOS applications, ANDROID. 

ITMOKO software - offers mobile application development for:

a) Mobile applications for business.
b) Mobile applications for the media.
c) Promo-mobile application.
d) A mobile app for the store.
e) Mobile game.


Developing a mobile application is a responsible process, which is divided into distinct stages, which is why you always get clear timelines and a specific result.


In each created mobile application, we invest the soul and maximum creativity.


Publication, promotion, monetization of the mobile application. Launching effective IOS applications, ANDROID.


Unique design, clear and modern solutions for interfaces. Development of unique corporate design.

ITMOKO - development mobile applications, IOS, ANDROID, WINDOWS. Creating a design for a mobile application. Here you can order the a mobile application in Ukraine, USA, Canada, England, Germany, Singapore, Europe.

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97 IOS mobile apps are created by us.
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