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Package design services Los Angeles, USA, NY, Singapore, London, Canada - ItMoko. 

In our company, you can order the development and creation of packaging, visualization of the packaging of the product or product. Packaging design should work so that it is interested in a potential buyer. We offer bright solutions, effectively affect the level of sales of your product. Among our services: complex creation of packaging design for various groups of goods: food, industrial, construction, household, car goods, packaging design for food products, package design for all product groups. Our company offers comprehensive services for the development of external packaging design, label design.

Design of packaging for export/import goods.
With us, you can order the development of a packaging design for products that you plan to export from your country abroad. The future design for packaging is developed on the basis of a detailed analysis of the competitive environment, taking into account all the criteria of your target audience.

Effective label for the product. Development. Printing. Manufacturing.
Creating an effective label for the product and product is one of the main areas of work of our company. We are ready to offer you complete solutions from design development for one product or product and for a line of products or products. Branded packaging is the support of the rating of your brand and your company. When developing the packaging, we work up to 100% of the result, which completely satisfies the customer, the performer and the user.

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Barcode for packing goods. 

Our designers will be able to develop for you layouts of a label or package with the application of your bar code for products, as well as developing recommendations and adapting the appearance of the packaging for specific technical requirements of a particular market. 


Development of packaging design - prices, terms, stages of creation.


a) the first stage in creating an effective label for a product or product - detailed analysis of the market, competitors, identification and design of possible advertising solutions.
b) Market research - at this stage our employees carry out a real research of packaging that is relevant in this market: what colors are preferred, what kind of packaging will be optimal for the product?
c) Competitive advantages in packaging design: thanks to qualitative analysis, you can use all the advantages of the product to create a bright and effective label for the product. At this stage, design, text for labels, visualization is being developed.
d) Presentation of a new package for your product, introduction and adaptation of a new package for a product or group, product lines.

What kind of packaging is selling?

Laconic. Bright. Informative. We create the packaging that buyers are looking for on store shelves.

original solutions

Always creative, rational and creative solutions for efficient and ergonomic packaging.

All kinds of packaging

packaging development for all kinds of products.

The best packaging for your business!

A full range of services for the development of your turnkey packaging - design, printing, production, delivery.

ITMOKO - development of label design, package design, 3d packaging, production of plastic, cardboard, paper packaging - we offer the development of packaging design in USA, Singapore, London, Canada, UAE.

214 Various products are sold in our packaging
5 Years in the packaging services market
Solutions for retail, wholesale business Development of packaging and labels under the key.
3 You receive a variant of packaging design from our company.
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