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Software development

Complex solutions for the development of software, software design, software implementation.

Software Development.

Order software development.

If you need to develop, create and implement, develop software for: store, warehouse, factory, logistics business, company, service, institution, etc. ITMOKO SOFT is a professional software development for all levels of complexity on a turn-key basis. You can be sure - with us YOUR SOFT - in reliable hands.

The software developed in our company helps to solve the following tasks:
a) Enterprise solutions for business - development of web and desktop applications.
b) IT consulting, consulting services.
c) Automate business processes for your business or organization.

Buy software for business.

Our company offers, in addition to integrated software and software development, also ready-made solutions for business automation, thanks to the introduction of basic software - you can increase the efficiency of your business.


For what areas does ITMOKO develop software ?
In today's economy, every business needs an effective management system and reasonable software, any field uses software and software for its work, but given the difference in needs - we are developing exactly the version of software that will help your business. To date, ITMOKO has been developing software for the following business areas: trade, banking and finance, healthcare, insurance, telecommunications, health, e-commerce, online learning systems, surveys, video surveillance, monitoring, modeling etc.

Stages of software development, software.

Due to the wide experience of implementing and developing software of various complexity levels, our company adheres to a strict algorithm in the preparation and development of software. Properly identified needs, as well as analysis of problem areas in the work of your company will allow you to make the most effective software.

Tender for software development.

Our company regularly participates in tenders for software development in various CIS countries, Europe and America. We always try to provide our potential customer with really favorable conditions for the implementation of tasks that were submitted for tender. Tender for software development, software to date - a very popular direction, thanks to which, the customer receives the lowest price for the creation of software. If you are conducting a tender for software development - you can contact us and we will always be happy to participate in tenders for the development of sites, software, software on the most favorable terms for both the client and our company. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the provision of software development services under tender conditions - you can always ask your question to our manager.




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Software development process includes the following steps

- collection and analysis of customer needs - a detailed and complete analysis of the company's activities, to understand the needs and find ways to implement the tasks that are facing future software.
- Identification of project resources - planning and allocation of specific specialists, will be responsible for the implementation of the project, an assessment of the required budget.
- drafting of the technical task of the future software - our specialists develop detailed technical tasks for your software.


- the direct development and programming by our programmers of the core of the future software. - Testing, searching and analyzing problems - Correcting and running the working version of the software.
- software implementation for a specific enterprise, individual training, employee training, documentation - the provision of announcements and instructions for working with the developed software.


Our qualified designers will create for you a modern and convenient interface for software.


Our company provides services for further support, optimization and development of your software and software.


We develop complex solutions for your software to improve the performance of your company.

Software Development in Credit

Our company can provide interest-free loans or installments for the development of large projects. The decision to provide installments is provided after a detailed analysis of the client and the project.

ITMOKO - professional software development software, professional software, upgrade of your company's software, sites. Thanks to a well-developed system, outsourcing the development of software and websites, we provide services related to software in Europe, CIS, Ukraine, USA, Canada.

114 enterprises use software developed in our company
24/7 Technical support and updating of your software.
3 Responsible for the introduction of software in the real world of your company.
5-500 We develop software and software for companies of different levels - from 5 to 500 employees.
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