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WEB DEVELOPMENT. Order website development.

Website development. Creating a website.

Dear visitors of the web-studio site It-moko, you can order the site creation. Services in the category of site development, we divided into six main categories, thanks to which you can order exactly the service for creation and development of sites, which is best suited for solving your task.
For a better understanding of the site construction, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the stages of creating  website in our company.


Technical task and website design.

Creating any site in our company - begins with the process of identifying the needs of the client, so it is important to direct the brief for the development of the site to our managers to accelerate the process. The technical task is a very important stage - after all, here is the future structure of the site, the functional, the number of pages, available options, etc., that is, that in the end should get a client who orders the site in our company. The first step is the development of a common concept, the technical specification of the future site, the creation of web design, in other words, the appearance of your site, portal or corporate site. For the future design of the site you can use two types of solutions - a ready-made template design that will cost you less or a unique individual design of the site. Which design to choose the best? Template or unique? There is no unambiguous answer to this question, first and foremost, it is important to understand your goals, which are pursued and your budget. Template design is always cheaper if you need to run a certain experiment or run a large number of similar web projects - then of course the template is more profitable, faster and more rational. The main disadvantage of creating a site with the help of a template remains - the dependence on updates, "the uniqueness of the design" - that is, you can meet the site is identical to yours online - just with another filling. Unique design helps to realize all the requirements specified in the technical task, to adapt it to a specific audience, to increase usability, and also to make the site in the color frameworks that the customer, the customer of the site provides and wants to see the client.

Layout of the site. Adaptive layout .

After approving the layout of your site - it is necessary to check the design. In order to complete this section of development work, our company involves professional designers. From layout - much depends, especially if layout is not adaptive or made with errors - this can add problems in the future while promoting the site, because today search engines pay special attention to the convenience of design, the speed of its loading, and the correctness of the implementation of the layout design. In most cases, our programmers use bootstrap layout technology - which makes the site, therefore, convenient for the maximum number of devices for all standard screen sizes.

Creating a website. CMS Admin control panel site.

To date, there is a huge number of ready-made solutions in the development of sites - that is, the use of already completed workflows, systems, such as OpenCart, MODX, JOOMLA, WORDPRESS, DLE, Drupal and others. If you create the correct structure of the site, the correct structure of URLs, in most cases, such sites are positively perceived by the search engines. Also to create a "site core" - we use a large number of frameworks - among which Laravel, YII, Kohana and others. For each specific task - the core of the site is better to choose from the needs of the client, if it is a major online store, you can use systems that are specifically designed for online stores - allow you to work comfortably with goods, prices, orders.

Testing the site, updating and filling the text.

After the completion of work on design, layout and programming - the stage of publication of the site on the main domain and its testing - that is, checking all pages, functional. In the process of testing the site frontend and backend, we make the final changes to the project and prepare the site for filling in the texts.

 In our company you can order all kinds of sites, among which:

Website-business card - a simple and easy solution for presenting your personality or company on the Internet - this includes the minimum number of internal pages, the terms of development up to 7 business days.
Landing Page is an excellent solution for promotion of promotional products or services, as well as for the sale and promotion of a specific product or service. Landing Page should briefly and clearly convey the essence of your proposal, as well as provide the opportunity to place an order or application on the site. To create Stone Page, we can offer both template and unique solutions.
Online store - a commercial platform for selling online goods or services. The level of complexity of an online store depends on the set of functions that you want to see on the future site - the possibility of ordering, payment of the order, indicating the delivery method.
The corporate website is a great solution for large and medium-sized companies, for whom the image on the Internet is important, a special emphasis on creating corporate websites - we focus on concepts and non-standard solutions - thanks to which we guarantee you the highest quality corporate website for your business.
The Internet portal is a multifunctional site with a large structure and versatile functionality, which may include: a system of reviews on the site, rating system and ratings, online payment, personal account functionality, forum, function of writing a review, and so on. If you offer your services or products nationwide - the decision to develop an internet portal is exactly what you need.
Online service - the main difference between an online Internet service from a regular site and services is that the visitor of the site fully interacts with the "seller" with the help of an online service function, for example, conducting online booking of apartments, cars or a plane ticket. The development of an online service is a complex and multi-level process that can last from a few weeks to several months.

Among our clients are a large number of companies from all spheres of business, so if you need to create a website for a hotel, beauty salon, law firm, financial company, notary, site for the trade in goods and services, an online store, a site for a factory or an insurance company, a site for a developer or a residential complex - you can safely contact our company and we will be happy to help you to create an effective, working site that makes a profit.