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Search Engine Optimization Services. We will raise your site in the TOP 3.5, 10. Guarantee the result. Best solutions. Strategic development of the site and promotion of web resources.

SEO promotion - Search Engine Optimization company.

SEO promotion is a service for promotion on the targeted search requests of your site or its separate sections, pages in the TOP position of the issuance of search engines. Transitions to the site at the same time are free, that is, you do not pay for transitions, but spend the budget to maintain the high ranking of the site and its positions. SEO promotion is a long and continuous process that provides the largest share of targeted visitors to your resource. The first results with SEO promotion will become tangible in 30-45 days after the start of work on the project. Users who went to your site - provide a high conversion and real sales, because the user goes to your site for targeted requests, for example, "Buy concrete", "sell concrete", "buy an apartment in ...."  

ITMOKO in the market of SEO services

Our company is 6 years in the market of providing services for search promotion and optimization. We have experience in the promotion of top sites in the most diverse and difficult topics among them promotion: online stores, service services, real estate sales, website promotion of the developer (s), promotion of the beauty salon website, promotion of the site of legal services, withdrawal to the TOP sites on international cargo transportation and many other interesting projects, which are currently in the TOP for more than 15,000 targeted search queries. We always offer comprehensive services, thanks to which, success is inevitable! Our company will bring your site to the TOP with a guarantee of results and sales. 

Promote site in TOP SEO

Our company provides services for the withdrawal of your site in the TOP 10,5,3 - to achieve the goal we offer comprehensive solutions, improved to improve the overall performance of your site, download speed, code validity, lack of unwanted technical shortcomings - after technical optimization our SEO specialists go to the conduct of internal search engine optimization. For an effective result - it is necessary to responsibly determine the semantics of the site, to guarantee the user quality information, a simple order of your product or service. Before the work on SEO promotion, we thoroughly analyze your resource and give recommendations for correcting technical deficiencies of the site, a structure that can hinder or even block the withdrawal of your site in the TOP. 

SITE in TOP 3, 5, 10 - guarantee of constant flow of new customers.

To date, every our client with SEO promotion receives a constant channel of incoming calls and calls from the site, thanks to our website promotion strategy. We guarantee you a TOP for your positions in real time and using only white, "legitimate" ways to achieve high positions of the site. With each SEO client, we work with three kinds of key phrases: highly targeted target phrases, mid-frequency and low-frequency key queries, that is, we work with a large audience that ensures the sales and success of our customers. We guarantee the result for your project in any subject, no matter how competitive it is. The competition of subjects is only an increase in the budget for SEO, but thanks to the package solution for SEO you can save the budget on SEO promotion and support of positions. The constant support of the site in the TOP of Google - 3, 5, 10 - is troublesome and hard work that our SEO experts like - it is also a guarantee of constant stream of calls, applications on your site. 

Internal and external SEO engine optimization: 

The concept of optimization is wide enough, and we will try to explain to you, in what is the difference between external and internal optimization? The main difference is that the internal one is aimed at improving the resource: validity, site usability, adaptability, usability, convenient and thought-out structure of your site, the availability of SEO optimization on your semantic core. We provide in the SEO service full support, development of unique selling texts for the pages of your site and conduct a comprehensive internal optimization of the site to achieve the success and promotion of your site in TOP GOOGLE 3,5,10. External optimization is the second major factor in SEO promotion of the project. The number of real external links, links from social networks and authoritative resources, well-known blogs and reviews of your project by independent resources - all this and 100+ external optimization measures are carried out by our specialists daily to support the high positions of our customers and partners. Basic internal and external optimization is included in the cost of promoting your project. 

Budget for SEO? 

Our company offers flexible solutions in the budget issue for the SEO site, and collaborates with small, medium and large Internet resources. By optimizing the cost of SEO, we use the project budget as efficiently as possible and show the maximum result in a short time. The budget for CEO is absolutely relative, because we can talk about completely different projects, if you are a small law firm from the region - it can be a budget of 500$ per month, and if you are an owner of an online store and you need to promote your products throughout the country or the world - the budget for effective promotion of the online store can range from 1000  to 1500000 monthly, depending on the semantic kernel, the goals set, etc..


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Integrated SEO website promotion in ItMoko:

- site audit
- selection of keywords (creating a semantic kernel)
- optimization of headings, texts
- Meta tag optimization
- site registration in search engines
- Promotion in social networks, Google services.
- build-up of the external reference mass
- creating reviews, copywriting.
- installation and configuration of google maps, business


SEO site promotion in TOP company: 

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