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Software Modernization | Itmoko Engineering

Software Modernization company. Updates, modernization of websites.

Further development / modernization of the site, software.

Completion, editing, modernization of sites and software.

Very often we need to make edits on site, refine the new functionality, upgrade your project and for this you can draw our team of web specialists. At us you can order corrections to the site as soon as possible, we work with all known platforms on which modern sites operate.


Extension of functionality, editing of the site.
For the development of any web project, it is necessary to develop the site, which means that it is necessary to make changes, changes, changes - which requires the constant availability of a high-quality and responsible executor of this work to make changes to your site. We can make edits to your site and also provide permanent technical and web support for your resource or resources. To start cooperation - leave an application on the site.

Modernization and updating, software development.
If your enterprise, company, organization needs to refine, configure or upgrade your software - we are ready to help you. In the process of implementing patches in software and software, we conduct a detailed analysis of problem areas in your business process, because the main goal is to increase the profit of your company, which means that costs must be reduced. With the help of one of the technical support packages for small and large sites - you can get full technical support, development and promotion of your projects on the Internet.

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Software development process includes the following steps:

- collection and analysis of customer needs - a detailed and complete analysis of the company's activities, to understand the needs and find ways to implement the tasks that are facing future software.
- Identification of project resources - planning and allocation of specific specialists, will be responsible for the implementation of the project, an assessment of the required budget.
- drafting of the technical task of the future software - our specialists develop detailed technical tasks for your software.


- profitable terms
- optimal solutions
- we work with companies from all over the world

Support and modernization

Our company provides services to support and upgrade software for more than 5 years.

Grants, tenders

Our company took part in state and commercial tenders, grants for the development of social, commercial and state projects.

Quality service

Each of our clients is our friend and partner. For each client, a project manager is selected to run your project.

Complex tasks - simple solutions

Our company always studies in detail the needs of each client, so you get a result that fully meets your requirements.

ITMOKO - professional software maintenance, site management systems, software development, web portals, branded sites, mobile applications, web services. Thanks to a well-developed system, outsourcing the development of software and sites - we can offer you services before finalizing and editing your site in any corner of the World. To get a manager's advice - contact the nearest office of the company.

24/7 Software technical support
12 Software development during 2017
16 New clients every month
SOFTWARE Development of software for all spheres of production, logistics, trade, educational programs.
Web site development

Bright and unique web design. Creative and effective solutions.

Seo promotion

Raise your site in the top 3, 5, 10. Complex promotion of websites.

Promotion in social networks

Bright and creative solutions for Youtube advertising.

Technical support

Services of complex technical support and promotion of your web projects.