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Web development

Website development, software, mobile applications, web design, coding.

Custom software development. Programming.


Creation of software, software, programs.


Our company offers you services for the creation, design and implementation of software, and in other words software for your project, company business, start-up. We create high-quality software using the expertise of our ITMOKO SOFT specialists - you get software development from a reliable contractor to the highest standards of development. To date, you can order the development of software for the company on our site, or by contacting our manager.


Software development for trade enterprises.

Modern online stores, companies that work in retail and wholesale sales often require the creation of their own software to conduct sales, automate marketing processes, automate the work of managers. Quality software for your company will help you save on expenses, speed up the process of processing information and keep records and control in your company. We will be able to offer new developments, efficiency and dynamics in work to achieve the maximum result of work. To date, our company is developing software for the following industries: pharmaceuticals, banking, real estate, developers, software for construction companies, software for educational institutions, software for resource management.

Software that solves your problems.

Software development in ITMOKO SOFT is an opportunity to simplify business processes in your company, organization or company. Thanks to a wide range of technical tools, we can develop quality software for business maintenance. We possess a large toolkit of technologies to satisfy the highest demands of our customers, that's why our software solves a huge range of tasks - from everyday business tasks to large-scale strategically important tasks.

Specialization in software development:
In the process of developing the ideal software, which will be convenient both for all participants of the business process, our company solves the following tasks in a complex way:
a) system business analysis
b) automation of information systems
c) software for web services
d) analysis and systems of work with databases.
e) development of resource management systems, employees.
e) information portals, software for large websites.
c) the introduction of electronic document management.


Programming software outsourcing. Outsourcing software development.


More than 80% of ITMOKO SOFTWARE customers are companies geographically removed from our company offices, but thanks to a well-developed scheme for working with remote clients, we can guarantee quality work, we will provide quality service, constant communication with the project manager, thanks to the organization of work with us you receive :
- a team of software professionals who have extensive experience in outsourcing.
- regular reports on the work done.
- stage-by-stage delivery of work
- a selection of qualified personnel specifically for your project.
- timely introduction of amendments, technical amendments, achievements in the developed software.
- We always work closely with each client to ensure that the client can get the product that he ordered, namely, quality outsourcing programming and remote project support.
- for each project, the project is outsourced manager - a person, completely leads your project, which is always in touch and promptly answers your questions and requests.
- Flexible terms of cooperation: we offer our clients flexible cooperation terms, including a fixed project budget, pay for working hours, a fixed rate, which allows us to implement on our outsourcing platform both complex large projects with specific deadlines and dynamic start-ups, corrections and changes are made.