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Website audit

Comprehensive SEO Audit - improving the position of your site.

Website audit. 

Internet Advertising Agency ITMOKO SEO - provides services for a qualified comprehensive seo site audit, audit of usability and conversion of your site. Due to a detailed audit, we can identify the problem parts of the code, structure, URL, improve the speed of the site and indexing by the search engines. 

Effective site audit will help you increase the conversion, increase sales, raise the position of the site in the search engines. As part of a comprehensive audit of the website, online store, portal or service, we perform the following operations: 

а)Set up a site in the Webmaster, Adwords, Analytics, Google Business, Maps..
     Checking robots.txt, indexing the pages of the site.
     Configure the regional affiliation of the site.
     Analysis of the structure, creation of CNC.
     Setting up redirects, 301, 404, 505.
     Analysis of the site code for errors.
     Checking the validity of the site.

б)SEO semantics, selection of keywords.

     Audit Title, meta, uniqueness of texts.
     Check for viruses of the server and site code.
     Optimization of internal pages.
     Audit usability of your site, amendment. 

в) External SEO web site audit.

     Analysis of the structure of links, transitions, and site positions.
     Availability of registration in white catalogs with a high DMOZ rating.
     Analysis of competitors to your topic.

Audit the site of the company - the key to success and change for the better.

Due to professional site audit we can detect real shortcomings of the navigation system, usability, site structure, analyze more effective pages of the project. Modern audit is necessary for each project, which is in the stage of constant development and improvement. Audit allows us to keep the web resource in accordance with the current requirements of users and search engines that are constantly changing. 

Free express site audit. 

With us you can order a free e-mail audit of the website and get a report and recommendations from our manager or your e-mail. If your site can not go to Google TOP for a long time, a free audit of the site can help to find the significant problems that hamper the development of your project.

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Term of the seo audit of the site: 

- Audit of corporate web sites - 8 days.
- Audit sites of online stores - 8-15 days.
- Audit of online web services - 8-15 days. 


Site security audit: 

- Identification of risks and threats.
- https configuration.
- search for the virus code on the site.
- protection from hacking the site.
- presence of a backup copy of sites.

Increase efficiency

The main purpose of the site audit is to identify the problem areas of the site structure or code, improve the site's speed, search engine optimization for the site's output in the top Google.

WEB auditor

Our WEB auditors have rich experience in practical economic and web audit. Independent, technical, SEO, e-commerce web site audit.

Website Usability Audit

Conducting an audit of usability will improve the resource from the point of view of the user, make interaction with the site - purchase - more simple and understandable for your potential buyers.


Batch support and regular SEO audit, preparation of reports and recommendations for permanent and new clients of Internet agency ItMoko.

ITMOKO - professional website audit in USA, Canada, Singapore, Ukraine, Europe, OAU. We conduct a comprehensive SEO audit of your website, provide recommendations for improving the conversion of the site and general technical, search parameters. Independent, professional audit sites in the company ItMoko.

527 audits conducted by our company
113 loyal customers
27 tenders for the audit was won and implemented by the company
5+ SEO audits are conducted monthly by ItMoko.
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