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Website redesign

Website redesign. Solutions for updating and redesign of sites, portals, mobile applications. Сompany that is close to you.

Website redesign company. New-York. Singapore. London. India. Itmoko

Website design company. USA. Canada. Singapore.

We live in an era of dynamic changes and improvements, even the most up-to-date website today may come out of the tomorrow's fashion, so it's important to keep up to date with the design industry regularly and try to introduce updates, will improve the interaction of the site visitor and your sales department. Here you can order services for the redesign of the site.

Redesign based on site audit.

Each business owner, before setting the task for redesigning an existing site, has reasons: outdated design, ineffective sales and applications from the site, problems in usability or banal, irrelevant design. Before conducting the redesign, our experts conduct an audit of an existing project, identify the problem areas of your site, study the behavior of the existing audience of the site. As a result, inefficient pages or design elements will be identified that do not help the user, and on the contrary - they interfere. The main task of the redesign is to fix the existing problems on the site by updating the appearance, interface of interaction with the buyer-visitor of the site.

Full or partial redesign?
For each particular project, you need to work out an individual solution, but undeniably complete redesign will be effective if you want to fully refresh the site, update the concept of the company's activities or the format of the service - in which case you need to carry out a comprehensive redesign of all sections. If necessary, make changes to the design on one page - you can contact our experts.

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Redesign rebranded.

A dynamic market requires constant expansion of the service sector, the search for new whipped markets, and therefore, dynamic solutions in the design and appearance of your business. We will help you in changing the design when changing or expanding your company - and promptly offer all possible solutions for the redesign of your web project. 

Redesign of packaging for product.

It is known, effective and interesting packaging of your product will provide interest to the goods from the point of view of the potential buyer. Developing new products, services and services - it is also necessary to create spectacular, bright and modern packaging. Our company offers design services: development of layouts and drawings for packaging updates, design of a new design format. 

continuously updated

Our specialists always improve their skills and analyze modern design trends.

Subscriber support

We offer package support for your business or web project.

Always on time

We always promptly inform each client about the progress of work on the redesign

Diverse solutions

In our experience, we conducted redesign: sites, projects, corporate identity, web design for rebranding.

ITMOKO - website redesign, CMS, site management systems, mobile applications, web services, Redesign of packaging for product. Thanks to a well-developed system, outsourcing the development of software and websites - you can get services - regardless of where you are: Redesign rebranded USA, Canada, Europe, Ukraine, Singapore, England, London, United Arab Emirates.

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